................... The Galaxy Lighthouse .................

A team of young soccer enthusiasts embark on a formidable mission within a crystal lighthouse in an endeavour to restore light to earth.


About the author

Kathryn Edmunds has worked extensively with young people and their families in the fields of child protection, counselling and teaching. She's also worked closely with Indigenous Australians, people from a refugee background and with those experiencing disadvantage. Throughout her life Kathryn has been involved with people from a variety of cultures which enabled her to draw on those experiences when writing The Galaxy Lighthouse. Her sense of humor and genuine love for humanity is evident throughout the novel. 


Despite the uncertainty in the world, there is an undeniable revival of great spiritual awakening. The Galaxy Lighthouse aims to provide meaning and purpose to life and lead the reader to consider the possibility of a bigger picture; a world free of selfishness, hatred, violence and pollution. The story explores human values and provides insight into the challenges encountered by teenagers and the universal feelings associated with those challenges. It tackles the complexities of life in an honest and humorous fashion while reminding the reader about the power of love.



Cleverly getting to the authentic angst of adolescent world and matching that with a meaningful take on global spirituality. And all this via a captivating narrative! This is the sort of stuff adolescents are reaching out for and they aren't being given enough. Buy them this book.

Jo. M

'Frog Resilience'


I loved this book. It appeared in my life at a very difficult time, and it helped to show me the way, through love and compassion and being open to others' way of seeing things. This is the first time I have written a testimonial, but this story helped me so much, I can really recommend it.