When twelve teenagers register for a school holiday soccer camp they could never have imagined they'd find themselves on a journey through the Galaxy Lighthouse. Their mission; to ignite seven lamps and restore light to Earth. The world is on the brink of darkness from the onslaught of humanity’s contaminated thought forms, corruption of values and pollution of the environment. The turmoil hasn’t gone unnoticed by those in distant worlds. 

While cultural differences and raw emotions threaten to tear the team apart, sinister forces band together to destroy the mission. As their coach watches from the sidelines, the teenagers are forced to unite and play as a team.

The Galaxy Lighthouse is a journey back to heart. Twelve teenagers discover that love is the greatest power in the Universe, but not before they encounter their rivals in the form of anger, jealousy, hatred, greed, pride and desire. The teenagers must delve deep to access courage, confidence, humility and compassion, but ultimately their overall success and survival will depend on their ability to love.

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